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Welcome to my website on doctoral education and supervisor training!

On this website I will inform you about the state of the art, the tasks and challenges of doctoral education, and about my approach, suggestions and services for future design and improvement with special focus on the development of newly structured doctoral schools and doctoral supervision.

You will find best practice examples and models for community building and exchange of experiences in order to develop outstanding doctoral schools with a highly attractive research environment and an outermost productive and supportive supervision culture – concepts, skills and competences we are urgently in need of for a bright and responsible research mindset and a good future of our societies.

The workshops understand themselves not only as a training site for a systematic improvement of awareness, of high expertise in the field and of the development of analytical and practical skills, but also as an international forum and meeting place for collaboration and exchange, for jointly elaborating and disseminating new concepts and ideas in higher education.

Because of the ongoing covid-19 pandemic I currently do not provide professional supervisor development measures in the format of presence workshops. I will continue with presence workshops as soon as it is possible to guarantee a save meeting environment again.

As a bridging concept I have developed and conducted in 2021 three days online workshops on 'Professionalization of PhD Supervision'. You find a detailed explanation on the online workhop web page in the main bar section 'Professional Supervisor Development'.


Helmut Brentel                                                       Innovative Book

Doctoral Supervision

Handbook for Establishing a Productive and Supportive Supervision Culture

308 pages, 2nd reworked and completed edition, Brentel Books, Frankfurt 2019

                                                                              Innovative Book Contribution

Germany Chapter 7 of a book reporting on and evaluating 21 countries worldwide:

'The Making of Doctoral Supervisors - International Case Studies of Practice'

Edited by Stan Taylor, Margaret Keley and Karri A. Holly, Routledge 2021

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