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Workshop on Providing Compehensive Measures for Outstanding Quality in Doctoral Supervision


The workshop is designed especially for university heads, faculty deans, directors of doctoral schools and division heads of the presidential administration who are eager to achieve outstanding quality in doctoral supervision for their university or research institution. The workshop concept provides a comprehensive and integrated approach. It argues that outstanding quality in doctoral supervision can only be reached if all tasks and challenges are identified which only together will be able to constitute a high performance, and thus all have to contribute in order to develop an outermost productive and supportive supervision culture (see overview diagram on the sub-portal page for research supervision). This makes it necessary that all relevant academic and administrative divisions of a university should cooperate and contribute in a guided joint effort.

The workshop provides a space for bringing the relevant actors together, and it offers the opportunity to jointly enhance the awareness for the different tasks and measures which have to be fulfilled and implemented in order to reach outstanding quality in research supervision for the whole university.

The workshop comprises

  • an analysis of the concurrent situation, the identification of strengths and weaknesses, of development problems and potentials
  • a review of the international development in research supervision, of best practice examples in the core fields
  • a comprehensive introduction in the structure, topics, tasks and challenges of the core fields which define together the quality of research supervision
  • an interactive working session for jointly elaborating concepts, tasks and plans for outstanding quality in research supervision
  • advice and specialized tools for managing the tasks in the core fields as well as the overall process of the joint development and implementation

In case of need for a more intensive brainstorming and debate there is the option for extending the workshop to a two days retreat for elaborating a comprehensive concept for outstanding quality in research supervision.