PD Dr. habil. Helmut Brentel Consulting & Training in Higher Education
PD Dr. habil. Helmut BrentelConsulting & Training in Higher Education

Supervision Training for Doctoral Candidates - Understanding and Conducting Productive and Supportive Doctoral Supervision Jointly


This one day workshop is especially designed for newly admitted doctoral candidates. It provides professional knowledge about doctoral supervision tailored to their needs.

The core idea and strategic mission is to introduce the doctoral candidates from the beginning to the same professional knowledge and tools as the supervisors, and to bring them immediately to a similar level of awareness and understanding as the supervisors in the initial supervisors training.

The contents of the workshop are a short version of the two days initial workshop focussing on the topics of the supervisory biography, mutual expectations, roles and styles, relationship, motivation, conflicts, problems and remedies, community building, peer coaching for doctoral candidates, guidelines and progress monitoring, literature and helpful tools - especially tailored to the needs of the doctoral candidates.

The overall idea addresses one of the core preconditions for developing outstanding doctoral supervision: to win the doctoral candidates as collaborators in a professional enhancement relation, to endow both parties with more or less the same professional knowledge and awareness so that both sides can better understand themselves as partners in a professional training and advancement relation, a relation which is characterised by trust and transparency because of sharing the same professional attitude and virtues.