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Training for Trainers of Supervisors (tts)


The 'Training for Trainers of Supervisors' programme is an offer for universities and doctoral schools that want to qualify some of their supervisors for serving as future inhouse trainers of supervisors. The aim is to bring continuity and sustainability into the supervision strategy of a university.

Precondition for access to the programme is that at least four initial supervisor training workshops and two follow-up workshops have been conducted for the university. Two to four participants of those workshops can be selected for joining the tts-programme.


It consists of

  • a two days initial tts-workshop
  • homework for getting acquainted with literature on research supervision as well as for designing ones own supervision training modules and tools
  • assisting in two initial workshops
  • conducting and evaluating the training modules designed by the tts-participants


In case of interest please contact me. I will provide detailed information and offer a tts-programme tailored to your needs.